Tips for Science Bloggers

Recently I was interviewed by the Radboud University newspaper ‘Vox’ about my science blog `Curving Normality’. A preview has already been published, but now I was asked to write a short list of tips for people who wanted to start writing about science on their own blog. Apparently, they think `Curving Normality’ is successful 😉

Although the Vox is in Dutch, I translated my little list of tips for science bloggers. He were go:

  • Write about the good science:It is easy to break something down, but arguing why you think something is good is rather more difficult. And more pleasant to read for your visitors, as well.
  • Don’t expect a Nobel Price:You’re writing for a science blog, not a journal. On a blog, you will not often find or publish breakthroughs that have not already been published in a journal.
  • Write in English:English is the Lingua Franca of Science. And, most people surfing the web read English anyway, so it increases you’re audience. (This one, obviously, is aimed at the Dutch readers of Vox.)
  • Register for Researchblogging.orgIf you’re writing about published articles, register for this blog aggregator. You’re posts are collected, and reach a much larger audience.
  • Let your visitors comment:If you’re commenting on other people’s work, it is just as fair to let other people comment on your blog.
  • Don’t stop too soon:It might take a while to receive lots of visitors, especially when writing about a specialised topic like science. Nevertheless: persevere. You’re building a nice collection of posts that will discovered sooner or later.
  • Add the URL of your blog to your mail signature:Just a little bit of advertising. Don’t be shy.
  • Combine blogging with other work:Science blogging can be time-consuming, so write about the interesting things you were doing or reading anyway to save some time.
  • Comment on other people’s blogs:People appreciate it, and will often visit your own blog.
  • Blog regularly:Make sure that people returning to your science blog will find something new to read regularly. High frequency is not necessary, some regularity is.

Did I miss something? Probably. Please let me know in the comments.

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