• Finished Thesis, New Job

    Just very recently I finished writing my Master’s Thesis, it was graded last week, and today I’m starting my new job as a PhD Candidate. I will be working at the department of Social Risk and Safety Studies, at the University of Twente. I will be working on a project regarding cross-country differences in the… Continue Reading

  • Newspaper interview: Rebecca Gomperts (Women on Waves)

    Last weekend, the magazine of NRC Handelsblad (a major Dutch newspaper), featured an interview with Rebecca Gomperts, the founder of Women on Waves. Women on Waves is “a Dutch non-profit organization concerned with women’s human rights. Its mission is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortions throughout the world.” One of their activities that received… Continue Reading

  • New developments on abortion in the liberal Netherlands

    Although the Netherlands are known for their liberal stance on induced abortion, currently the issue is debated again. Two only slightly related subjects now gain considerably attention in popular media and public opinion. The first is a slight change in policy regarding the use of the ‘abortion pill’ in very early pregnancies (before 16 days… Continue Reading

  • Technology, women’s careers, and fertility

    My regular readers will know how I just love the occurrence of unintended consequences in social sciences. A while back, two professors in bio-medical ethics wrote an opinion piece in a Dutch newspaper, based on such an unintended consequence. And: it is also related to my future thesis! With women giving birth at increasingly higher… Continue Reading

  • My new job: PhD Student!

    I’m extremely happy to be able to share that starting this September, I will be working as a Ph-D student at University of Twente. It was in the works for quite a while now, but this morning I was informed that the last hurdle was overcome. And oh, what a magnificent project I will be… Continue Reading

  • The Giant’s Shoulders #11

    Just as Rome wasn’t build in a single day, science progresses slowly but strongly as well, constantly searching for, suggesting or rejecting new fundamental theory, and ‘padding’ these with additional findings. Shoulder-padding that is, for we all stand on the shoulders, the strong fundaments of our predecessors. Why do I use such Big Words? Because I am very excited to announce that today I’m hosting the new edition of ‘The Giant’s Shoulders’, here on Curving Normality. Giant’s Shoulders is a monthly science blogging event, in which authors are invited to submit posts on “classic” scientific papers.

  • useR! 2009 acceptance: presenting influence.ME

    The organizing committee of the useR! 2009 conference just informed me, that my submission for presenting my extension package influence.ME, has been accepted! Influence.ME is a new R package that I’m currently developing, with the indispensable help of Ben Pelzer and Manfred te Grotenhuis. Although I did not yet introduce influence.ME on this blog, rest… Continue Reading

  • Notification of lack of absence

    It has been about a month since my last activity on Curving Normality. I even let the blogging carnival slip. This all has been due to a combination of work pressure, personal circumstances, and (very) exciting new developments. I decided to cancel the R-sessions forum (I’m sorry for those few who read it). Nevertheless, I’m… Continue Reading

  • Never again? What about Darfur!?

    We don’t know what we don’t know. That must be one of the bases of power. Lack of knowledge, or interest, allows one to do nothing about a pressing situation. Power over another means that one can choose to whom one want to relate, and about whom wants to know things.