• Call for Papers: The political context of single-parent families

    The political context of single-parent families is particularly relevant, as single parenthood represents a new social risk with adverse outcomes. This open panel invites theory-driven empirical studies on the political context of single- parent families. We specifically invite papers that address: Social Policy Responses: descriptions and analyses of social policy innovations focused on single-parent families.… Continue Reading

  • Association, Aggregation, and Paradoxes: On the Positive Correlation Between Fertility and Women’s Employment

    Can we use cross-country, macro-level correlations between fertility rates and women’s employment rates to study the extent to which women combine work and family? I tend to think this is not very fruitful. Today, the journal Demographic Research published my note on a recent macro-level article. In my note, titled Association, Aggregation, and Paradoxes: On… Continue Reading

  • My Research in 5 Tweets for International Women’s Day

    For International Women’s day, I decided to summarise my research in five tweets: Motherhood is still associated with lower employment rates among women. Family policies matter: paid leave facilitates the employment of mothers, but family allowances stimulate the traditional breadwinner model. Work-Family reconciliation policies are most important to stimulate the employment of women with traditional… Continue Reading

  • Facebook just suggested a ghostwriter for my PhD

    Wow! Facebook just suggested me an advertisement about a ghostwriter. The pitch: “You are successful. You have embarked upon a great career. You want to achieve a doctorate.” It’s not just that I think this is spam, it also seems highly unethical. To make things even worse, Facebook did not provide the usual options to… Continue Reading

  • Influence.ME now supports sampling weights

    Influence.ME is an R package that helps detecting influential cases in multilevel regression models. It has been around for a while now, and recent changes in lme4 broke the functionality of using influence.ME with sampling weights. Thanks to a kind contribution of some code by user Jennifer Bufford, influence.ME now should work with multilevel models… Continue Reading

  • No Activation without Reconciliation?

    I am very pleased to announce that I received research funding for a project titled “No Activation without Reconciliation?”. This project will be my main focus in the whole of 2015. From the proposal: This research proposal seeks to complement the strong micro-econometric tradition in evaluating impacts of active labour market programs (ALMP) with a… Continue Reading

  • Dutch Men are not Nordic Men

    There are reasons to appreciate Hanna Rosin’s ‘The End of Men': it was pleasantly written, contains various entertaining anecdotes, and holds an attractive promise of increased gender equality – although, to trumpet the demise of men (to paraphrase page 285) might be somewhat less desirable. It would have made for a relevant book, were it… Continue Reading

  • Cum Laude!

    I started dreaming about my PhD defense about three weeks in advance. One dream is still clearly on my mind. It was at my defense, and everyone was there: committee, supervisors, colleagues, friends and family. I was there too, standing behind a desk trying to answer the questions. The only thing was, however, that the… Continue Reading