Shifting to English, gradually

I’ve decided to gradually shift the language of my weblog from Dutch to English. The rest of my site is in English already, for it mostly represents my academic activities.

The reason that I want to write in English is twofold: primarily, I do feel the urge to write about my academic activities in an informal style more often. Secondly, I think that most people who already read my weblog are able to read English way better than I’m able to write in English. In other words: I don’t expect people to be disappointed all to much.

So, this is what I’m going to do. For the year(s) to come, I’ll write both in Dutch and in English. The subjects that are most closely related to the Netherlands, will remain written in Dutch. Subjects related to science will gradually be more often published in English.

To facilitate readers, I will create two new categories, representing articles written in English and in Dutch. This way, people can select the articles written in their selected language.

I understand that some people might object to this `lose of Dutch language’. If so, please react to this message.

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