07 Dec
Do Children keep their mother from Working?

Do children keep their mother from working? Winning the ‘Best Poster Award’

I presented a poster presentation called “Do children keep their mother from working?” at a Ph.D. conference at the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies, University of Twente. I won the ‘Best Poster Award”!

The jury was pleased with a clear presentation of both the research question, and some selected findings. The poster presented some findings of a paper I’m currently working on, integrating institutional and demographic explanations of women’s employment. From the question-section of the poster:

Women?s employment rates have increased dramatically. Why?

  • Institutional arrangements reduced role incompatibility between motherhood and employment.
  • Demographic change towards lower fertility, lower marital rates, and higher education, made women?s employment more likely.

We answer three questions:

  1. How did levels of role incompatibility vary over time in industrialized countries?
  2. What explains levels of role incompatibility?
  3. Did lower incompatibility of roles contribute to women’s employment?

Since this is very much work in progress, I will not (yet) disseminate any findings, but it is very nice to give a heads up on what I’m currently working on. Below a picture of the poster, but please note that the resolution is intentionally kept low, since this is work in progress.

Do Children keep their mother from Working?

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