• Call for Papers: The political context of single-parent families

    The political context of single-parent families is particularly relevant, as single parenthood represents a new social risk with adverse outcomes. This open panel invites theory-driven empirical studies on the political context of single- parent families. We specifically invite papers that address: Social Policy Responses: descriptions and analyses of social policy innovations focused on single-parent families.… Continue Reading

  • Cum Laude!

    I started dreaming about my PhD defense about three weeks in advance. One dream is still clearly on my mind. It was at my defense, and everyone was there: committee, supervisors, colleagues, friends and family. I was there too, standing behind a desk trying to answer the questions. The only thing was, however, that the… Continue Reading

  • My Online Presence

    Recently, I have been updating my online presence as a researcher. It’s amazing to see the sheer amount of online tools available to academics: It seems like we are a market now! I thought I’d share the tools I currently use professionally, and of course you are welcome to connect with me on any of… Continue Reading

  • Family Policies, Women’s Earnings, and Between-Household Inequalities: Using LIS for comparative analyses

    Last week, I was invited to present my dissertation research during the LIS Summer Workshop. My lecture was titled “Family Policies, Women’s Earnings, and Between-Household Inequalities: Using LIS for comparative analyses“. It consisted of three parts. The first part of my lecture dealt with my argument to combine institutional and demographic explanations of women’s employment.… Continue Reading

  • Invited Lecture: Reforming Social Security Lunch Seminar Series (University of Leiden)

    I was invited to present my research at the “Reforming Social Security Lunch Seminar Series” of the university of Leiden. The lecture will be on Friday, February 22nd. Below an abstract of this lecture is given. Institutional and Demographic Explanations of Women’s Employment Family policies have stimulated women’s employment in OECD countries in recent decades.… Continue Reading

  • Work and Family Researchers Network Seeks Applicants for Early Career Scholars Program

    The Work and Family Researchers Network is seeking applicants for the 2013-2014 Early Career Work and Family Scholars Program. Fifteen scholars will be selected for the program.  They advertise: To be eligible, candidates must have received their doctorate in 2010 or later, and have yet to progress into tenured or secure senior level positions.  Those anticipating… Continue Reading

  • New York: The Students

    One of my goals while visiting New York, was to experience how PhDs are trained in the US. In addition to doing a PhD myself, I am also the president of the PhD Network of the University of Twente. In this role I’m closely involved in discussions on changing the Dutch way of training PhDs,… Continue Reading

  • New York: The Project

    I just returned to the Netherlands, after having lived in New York for three months. Yesterday I started a short series of 10 blogs about my (academic) experiences. Today: the project I’ve been working on. The premise of my project was something that is commonly believed amongst sociologists – and something I took for granted… Continue Reading