Podcast: The Naked Scientists

Not only blogs can inspire scientists, but podcasts can do too. I regularly listen to some science podcasts, and will start a short series on Curving Normality to introduce these to you. Probably the most fun science podcast I listen to is ‘The Naked Scientists‘, the science show that ‘boldly goes where no science show has gone before‘.

The show is hosted by Cambridge University’s Dr. Chris Smith. Clearly having fun, he interviews top scientists and ‘catches up with the latest top science news stories’, focused to a large exten on medicine, technology, and biology. The interviews are accessible for people not familiar with the specific discipline, and the findings are always placed into a wider context.

Several co-hosts have their own feature on the show. Diana O’Carroll hosts the question of the week, whereas Dave Ansell and Ben Valsler do their share of kitchen science experiments. It’s fascinating to listen to excellent scientists explain the principles of the Large Hadron Collider with just a tennis ball, a length of rope, and two soda bottles. Or, a week later, to create a rocket from hydrogen peroxide and liver! Don’t try that at home!

My favourite episode of all times must be the one that aired on August 3rds, 2008. In this special summer edition, Chris Smith drifted down the river Cam on a Punt, picking up key scientists ‘en route’. The show has some interesting science stories, but stands out because of the good atmosphere and the guide that tells stories about the scenery through which they navigate.

The Naked Scientists provide a high quality weekly show, that is fun to listen to. I’d say: go to their site and enjoy!

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