Guess Who? (1)

The first `Guess Who’ is on! Below I places four quotes from a book I recently read. Although they are magnificent as they are, It’s up to you to find out who wrote them.

The question is: Guess who wrote this, in what book, or if you don’t know, what your impressions on the writer are. After a few days I will publish the full article on the author, containing the quotes.

It’s a game, so feel free to join and participate. The first person who guesses it right, will win my eternal admiration :-) At least, until the next `Guess Who?’ is on.

Here the quotes are. Some of the quotes are rather famous and it shouldn’t be too hard to find them somewhere …

“… but the trouble is that the distribution of hood an evil is not easy yo figure out, as least not for me. Compassion, unselfishness, love can be hound in the very center of evil. I don’t understand why this should be so, I am only sure of the fact. But if that’s how the world is built, then a clear moral vision implies simplifications and, with them, act of cruelty and injustice.”

“Today I regard tis episode as an excellent illustration of the dangers of abstract reasoning. There are lots of dangerous philosophies around. Why are they dangerous? Because they contain elements that paralyze our judgment. Rationalism, whether dogmatic or critical, is no exception. Even worse – the inner coherence of its products, the apparent reasonableness of its principles, the promise of a method that enables individuals to free themselves from prejudice, and the success of the sciences, which seem to be rationalism’s main achievements, provide it with an almost superhuman authority.”

“Meaning is not located anywhere. It does not guide our actions (thoughts, observations_) but arises in their course. Meaning may stabilize to such an extent that the assumption of a location starts making sense. “

“Cambridge University Press wanted to publish our letters, but could not: as usual I had thrown away Imre’s part of the correspondence, Only a few postcards survived as bookmarks, or to cover holes in the walls of my house.”

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