Curving Normality Quantitative Social Science Carnival

You’re not a blogger if you don’t participate in Blog Carnival, so it seems. Blog carnival are a great way of finding new blogs, interesting posts, and creative bloggers all within a single topic of interest. The host of the carnival gathers a collection of posts, writes an editorial, and obviously links to the posts.

A vast number of carnivals already exist. Fascinating ones and content are found on The Giant’s Shoulders, on classic science papers, Carnival of the Mathematics (although I understand nearly half of it), Four Stone Hearth on anthropology in the widest (American) sense of that word, Cabinet of Curiosities, and The Skeptics Circle.
A longer list is found on Coturnix’s blog.

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find a blogging carnival on sociology or social sciences in general. Therefor, I now introduce the Curving Normality Blogging Carnival on Quantitative Social Sciences. It aims at showing of the quality that can be achieved by properly applying quantitative methods, and what these have to offer to the social sciences as sociology, communications sciences, anthropology, economy, development studies, and all that I forget.

For the time being, this website will be the host, and new editions will appear every 1th of the month, with a deadline three days before that. You can write something new, but I’m sure you’ll have some interesting posts lying around just waiting for a larger audience. You can e-mail me, or use the comments below.

So, please send me your links to your posts on quantitative social sciences and find them aggregated in one of the upcoming editions of the Curving Normality Quantitative Social Science Carnival.

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