• Dutch Men are not Nordic Men

    There are reasons to appreciate Hanna Rosin’s ‘The End of Men': it was pleasantly written, contains various entertaining anecdotes, and holds an attractive promise of increased gender equality – although, to trumpet the demise of men (to paraphrase page 285) might be somewhat less desirable. It would have made for a relevant book, were it… Continue Reading

  • Are you comparing datasets of the Luxembourg Income Study? You might like our new publication

    The Luxembourg Income Study provides an invaluable source of income-surveys that are made compable across countries and over time. Not all the measurements of income are directly comparable, however. In some datasets the income variables were measured gross of income taxes and social contributions, whereas in other datasets they were measured net of income taxes… Continue Reading

  • Internet Bad Neighborhoods

    Don’t venture too far on the internet: bad neighborhoods were located! Internet bad neighborhoods are those geographical areas where the majority of spam and phishing mails originate from. Interestingly, some regions specialize in spam, while others focus on phishing for your bank account. Having successfully defended his dissertation at the University of Twente (the Netherlands),… Continue Reading

  • Is Employment an Occupational Hazard for Fertility?

    A colleague and friend of mine, Katia Begall, successfully defended her PhD dissertation: Occupational Hazard? The Relationship between Working Conditions and Fertility. It’s is a great study, several chapters of which already were published in high impact journals. From the press release: Good qualifications, a career with good prospects, a full-time job in a mainly… Continue Reading

  • Work and Family Researchers Network Seeks Applicants for Early Career Scholars Program

    The Work and Family Researchers Network is seeking applicants for the 2013-2014 Early Career Work and Family Scholars Program. Fifteen scholars will be selected for the program.  They advertise: To be eligible, candidates must have received their doctorate in 2010 or later, and have yet to progress into tenured or secure senior level positions.  Those anticipating… Continue Reading

  • Influence.ME: Tools for Detecting Influential Data in Multilevel Regression Models

    Despite the increasing popularity of multilevel regression models, the development of diagnostic tools lagged behind. Typically, in the social sciences multilevel regression models are used to account for the nesting structure of the data, such as students in classes, migrants from origin-countries, and individuals in countries. The strength of multilevel models lies in analyzing data… Continue Reading

  • Women’s Employment: Institutions and Demographics

    Women’s employment increased dramatically during recent decades. Nevertheless, women’s employment falls behind that of men. One key explanation for that discrepancy is that mothers are less likely to be employed than women without children. In a recent publication in the Journal of Marriage and Family, it was shown that government policies can have a substantial impact on the degree to which women combine motherhood with employment.

  • Fraudulent Alphas

    Never realized you could detect fraudulent data using Cronbach´s Alpha. Dutch newspaper ¨De Volkskrant¨ published an interview this weekend on the large scale fraud by a Dutch professor in social psychology. Three of his PhD candidates discovered the fraud, using Cronbach´s Alpha to show that the reported scores on some scale were unrealisitically unreliable, while… Continue Reading