useR! 2008: Goodbye

Unfortunately, the useR! 2008 conference has come to an end. At the conference closing Uwe Liges thanked us all for our presence and summarized the conference:

  • more than 400 participants from all over the world
  • more than 170 presentations
  • many CRAN package authors and R code team members
  • 7 invited lectures and 13 pre-conference tutorials

As a last sign of geekiness (of all people present, not of him personally), he showed that over the years a strong correlation has been developed between the size of the R-Project base software (in megabytes) and the number of participants of the R-conferences. Funnily Scary!

As some real closing remarks, the announcement was made that useR! 2009 will be held in Rennes, France.

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