The R-Sessions Forum: Introducing a new forum on R-Project

UPDATE: Due to lack of interest, and the availability of other excellent sources for interaction regarding R, I decided to close the R-Sessions forum, which now is no longer available. Questions on R can also be send to the author of this blog, by placing comments below.

Today, I introduce the new R-Sessions Forum: a new forum on R-Project and statistics in general. This new forum is closely integrated with Curving Normality, but has its own dynamic. The R-Sessions Forum aims at providing a flexible stage for visitors interested in discussing both R-Project and general statistics.

Topics & Features

The new R-Sessions Forum has several interesting features and covers many topics. Amongst the new topics covered are integration with the R-Sessions on Curving Normality, a section for general question on R, a section for general statistical questions, package specific questions, R development, and of course we have a pub for your general chatter. The integration with the R-Sessions is intended to give more dynamic ways of interacting with the Curving Normality web-site. The other topics are more general in nature and provide ample opportunity to pose your own questions and discuss those with other participants.

Do we really need this forum?

No, of course we do not need this forum, but it might very well help existing and new users of R-Project. Of course there is the excellent mailing list that helps many R-users. This mailing-list even has a forum-like interface on the web, to be found at: This really is a magnificent mailing list, and I can only hope this new forum will not be completely overshadowed by it. Nevertheless, I think the R-Sessions Forum distinguishes itself enough from a mailing list to deserve some existence for its own.

For instance, the general scope of this forum is broader, for is also has room for discussion on general statistics, and about the acceptance or implementation of R-Project. During the next useR! conference, count on a conference-specific forum to be added. Also, a forum doesn’t clutter your mailbox as a mailing list can do.

Forum-specific functionality also help this forum to distinguish itself. For instance, you can indicate what your favourite topics are, and be notified whenever a new post has been made. Also, initiators of posts can indicate whether their post is a support questions, and flag it either ‘unresolved’ or ‘resolved’.

So …

Enough said. If you’re interested, I’d like to invite you to take a look at the R-Sessions Forum. A new forum needs a few participants to get it going. So, if you’re even remotely interested in R-Project, or if you’re a daily user, sign up and help me reach this forum’s tipping point!

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