Presenting influence.ME at useR!

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Today I presented influence.ME at the useR! conference in Rennes. Influence.ME is an R package for detecting influential data in mixed models. I developed this package together with Ben Pelzer and Manfred te Grotenhuis.

More information about influence.ME can be found on another section of my website.

Below, please find the slides of the presentation.
Presentation Influence.ME at Rennes, useR! 2009

2 comment on “Presenting influence.ME at useR!

  • Hoi Rense,
    looks very well, did you get a good response? Did Manfred and Stijn debate en plein public to “pre-copy” the discussion they will have in ASR in 2010, would have been nice, but there probably would not have been enough time. Hope to see you soon (and if you have my log-in codes… think I’m not visiting your website enough to remember by heart).
    X Anja

  • Thank you! Yes, I am very satisfied with the response during the conference; I’ll tell you all about it very soon!

    And yes, indeed, the discussion between Manfred en Stijn (regarding the discussion brought to attention on one of the last slides) is very interesting. The focus was on the practical side of influence.ME though, instead of their discussion.

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