• Influential Data in Multilevel Regression: What are your strategies?

    The application of multilevel regression models has become common practice in the field of social sciences. Multilevel regression models take into account that observations on individual respondents are nested within higher-level groups such as schools, classrooms, states, and countries. In the application of multilevel models in country-comparative studies, however, it has long been overlooked that… Continue Reading

  • 2011, my academic year in review

    I’ve had such a great year! Academic life is great, I know. Sure, it is getting increasingly competitive, the hours can be long, and deadlines can impose decent amounts of pressure. But looking back at 2011, I realize how wonderful my academic year has been. First of all, I have been able to travel a… Continue Reading

  • The Agenda

    As I wrote last week: I’m back. Curving Normality has been way too quiet for way to long. I started my job as a PhD, some other projects, and had some other things on my mind as well (some of them nice, some not). All in all, it was a bit too much to pay… Continue Reading

  • I’m back …

    … soon! Currently, I am updating this website, and making plans to continue blogging on Curving Normality. Some things will change, but most will remain the same. Love to hear from you all soon again!