A Very Small Step for Read.isi …

My R-Project package Read.isi is named in the R Newsletter. Yes, I know, this is just a very small step for my package Read.isi, especially because (almost?) every new package is named. Nevertheless, I’m proud of it.

Read.isi is an R-Project extension package that allows users to gain automated access to data from the World Fertility Survey (WFS) program. Presently, no software for advanced statistical analyses is capable of doing so.

The quote above is from my website, and is for the large part also in the R-Newsletter. The edition that Read.isi is mentioned in is available here (PDF).

The package is available from CRAN.

2 comment on “A Very Small Step for Read.isi …

  • Dear Read.isi developer,
    Suppose I would use your package, how should I refer to it? In the (short) R-manual it says to look at “license(“Read.isi”)”, but that does not seem to work (yet).
    Cheers, Stijn

  • Hmm, how about citation()?

    > citation('Read.isi')

    To cite R in publications please use:

    Rense Nieuwenhuis (2008). Read.isi: Access old data saved in
    fixed-width format based on ISI-formatted codebooks. Radboud
    University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. URL

    A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

    title = {Read.isi: Access old data saved in fixed-width format based on ISI-formatted codebooks},
    author = {{Rense Nieuwenhuis}},
    organization = {Radboud University},
    address = {Nijmegen, The Netherlands},
    year = {2008},
    url = {http://www.rensenieuwenhuis.nl/r-project/read-isi/},

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