R-Project is an advanced software package for statistical analysis. It’s open-source, to which I’d love to contribute. This is the section of my website where I do indeed contribute.

The following sections are to be found on my r-project site:

1. R-Manual

In this section, I’m building on a manual. Presently, it mainly consists of a reflection on my own progress in learning to use R-Project. I do have plans to elaborate upon this manual, which will happen in due time.

For now, I hope this manual is able to inspire social scientists to start using R-Project. Every chapter in the manual has its own index. Navigation through this manual can be done by the subject-tree in the middle column and the links shown at the bottom of each page.

Table of contents

2. My functions

This section contains some of the (minor) functions I have written for use in R-Project.

Please note: This section is under heavy construction and will be developed in due time.

3. Books

Here, some of my personal impressions are given on existing books on R-Project Please note that these are indeed my personal impressions, not professional reviews of these books.